Hungry? We know you are. Just eat it.


Available till 10pm (for Late Night menu scroll to bottom of page)


Sauces are FREE! Let us know which you would like when ordering!

  • Chips & Dip $8

    Option of Salsa Fresca, Queso or Black Bean Dip; Or Get all 3 (Nellie's Threesome + $4).

  • Basket of... $8

    Option of french fries, curly fries, tots, sweet-pot fries or onion rings; Add cheese + $2.

  • Mozzarella Sticks $8

    Served with homemade marinara.

  • Fried "Mac&Chz" Bites $8

    Served with Ranch.

  • Fried Pickles $8

    Sliced, breaded, and then fried till golden brown.

  • Fish-Sticks $10

    Beer Battered Cod Served with Chesapeake Bay Aioli.

  • Breaded Calamari $10

    Deep fried rings; served w/homemade marinara.

  • Homemade Hummus $10

    Homemade hummus served with warm pita, carrots, and celery.

  • Hector's Taco Rolls (3) $10

    Your choice of shredded chicken or ground beef rolled in corn tortillas. Served with homemade salsa fresca and chipotle aioli


Sauces are FREE! Let us know which you would like when ordering!

  • Nellie's Empanadas (3) $12

    Your choice of Ground Beef, Shredded Chicken, "Beyond" Meat, or Queso Blanco.

  • JUMBO Wings (10) $14

    Buffalo, Honey Sriracha, Bourbon Whiskey, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Ginger BBQ, or Habanero BBQ, Citrus Explosion, Jamaican Jerk, Teriyaki.
    Want More? Order 20 for $28, 30 for $42, or 50 for $70.

  • Chicken Nachos $12

    Tortilla chips loaded with shredded or grilled chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, jalapeños & queso.

  • Nellie's Sampler (choose 3) $14

    (2 Chicken Tenders) (2 Mozz Sticks) (2 Mac&Chz Bites) or (2 Fried Pickles) on a bed of Curly Fries

  • Barbeque Ribs $14

    Served with coleslaw and french fries.

  • Quesadilla $12

    Your choice of cheese, beef, shredded chicken, or grilled chicken; served w/pico de gallo & sour cream.

  • Corn Dogs (2) $10

    Served with french fries.

  • Chicken Tenders (4) $12

    Served with french fries.


  • Classic Caesar Salad $10

    Romaine lettuce tossed in creamy caesar dressing, topped with shaved parmesan and croutons. Add grilled chicken for $4



  • The Nellie Burger $12

    Our 6 oz. USDA choice with American cheese, includes french fries. Substitute with Beyond Meat for $2

  • The BBQ Rib Sandwich $12

    Boneless rib patty tossed in bbq sauce & topped with coleslaw. Served with french fries

  • The Grilled Chicken Sandwich $12

    Grilled chicken breast filet. Served with fries

  • Our Homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich $12

    Chicken salad- made from scratch, served on brioche, includes french fries

Let us know which sauces u would like when ordering!

🍹Cocktails & other "Funsies"🍸

  • Hennessy Margarita $18

    Take a classic lime margarita, but instead of Tequila, make it wit'dat' Henny, hunny...and what you'll get is this Nellie's favorite.

  • Watermelon Long Island $12

    A juicy, fruity twist on the classic cocktail, made with vodka, rum, & gin.

  • Liquid Mary Jane $12

    House Vodka, Malibu, & Captain Morgan mixed with melon & blue curaçao liqueurs will leave you feelin' like its 4:20

  • Rum Blast $10

    This one's for the Rum lovers... Malibu and Myers mixed with pineapple and peach schnapps.

  • ❄️Absolut Red Bull Watermelon Slushie $14

    Frozen Boozy deliciousness! ...also available with extra shot for $3 more!

  • ❄️Jello Shots $3

    Theres always room for Jello, especially when its made with your flavored Absolut favorites.

  • ❄️Icey Pops by Cutwater $6

    So refreshing on a hot day, these'll make you feel like a kid again, ...only, older and drunker. Frozen nostalgia available in Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, or Lime Margarita

🍺Draught 🍺

  • Nellie's Beer $5
  • Goose Island IPA $7
  • Stella Artois $7
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro $7
  • Modelo Especial $7
  • Blue Moon Belgian White $7
  • Angry Orchard Crisp Apple $7
  • Samuel Adams Seasonal $7
  • Flying Dog Lager $7
  • Dogfish Head $7


  • Budweiser $5
  • Bud Light $5
  • Michelob Ultra $5
  • Miller Lite $5
  • Heineken $5
  • Corona Extra $5
  • Whiteclaw $6

    Mango, Blackberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Watermelon, Tangerine, Lemon.

  • Truly $6

    Mango, Black Cherry, Wildberry, Pineapple, Watermelon Kiwi.

  • Vizzy $6

    Papaya Passion-fruit, Raspberry Tangerine, Watermelon Strawberry, Blackberry Lemon.

Nellie’s All-You-Can-Eat Brunch Buffet:

Come and start your weekend the Nellie way with our very own Brunch Buffet! Available Saturdays, and Sundays 11am – 2pm. First come first served. Looking to have brunch with a FUN show? Check out our Drag Brunch!

  • Brunch Buffet $30

    Our Menu is always changing, items may include: Pork Ribs, Mini Empanadas, Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Sausage links, Hash browns, Corn soufflé, Chicken Wings, Steamed Vegetables, Homemade Pastas/Sauces, Hummus, Tzatziki, Pita bread, Potato cranberry salad, Spring mix salad w/ balsamic dressing, Fresh Pico de Gallo and Chips, Tomato basil soup, Grits w/ cheddar cheese, Homemade Desserts, and Fresh Seasonal Fruit.