Nellie’s name is a tribute to the eccentric and hospitable characters of owner Doug Schantz’s great and great-great grandmothers, two Nellies who lit up elite Kansas social circles with unparalleled warmth and hospitality.

Nellie’s Sports Bar extends this family tradition to the public, for all these Nellies knew what makes for great hosting. Delicious food, a home rich with character, an infectious love of life and, of course, a welcoming atmosphere where all present are well attended to.


Nellie’s opens the Historic U Street Corridor at the corner of 9th and U Streets in the former Addison Scurlock Photography Studio. Scurlock was a portraitist who chronicled the lives of the DC African American elite and working folk during the glory days of the U Street corridor (look for some of his photos on our walls). Nellie’s is honored to continue Scurlock’s commitment to and involvement in the neighborhood.